About Us

We are a team of enthusiastic and hardcore deal finders who scour the inter wide web constantly, north to south, east to west and through the XY & Z axis, leaving no stone unturned, we decided to convert our common experience and love of finding great products and make them available to the general population. So, after a long, long night drinking copious amounts of tequila and gin (many, many bottles of tequila, too many bottles of tequila, ohhhhh the terrible headaches), bashing heads and ideas against each other, about how best to bring our deal finding expertise to the benefit of everyone, MayhemDeals.com was born, and hopefully you will agree, that in particular our MAYHEM DEALS SPECIALS is a good reason to cause complete and utter Mayhem and we do hope you’ll like it as much as we do and have a great shopping experience here.

Our prime goal is to create a shop that is fast to load and that you can explore freely and easily. We do not overload our website with a Gazillion deals, because that is just not cricket. We want to keep it simple and straight forward. We will add new category’s and delete old category’s, but as long as you want the products we have, we will continue to beat our suppliers with a whip until they agree to our terms and give us all the price’s that we deserve.. As Deal finders, we like to keep our costs as low as possible and when and where we will always offer the best possible prices for our products.

Plus you Don’t need to be like the people in the background image, trying to climb over each other to get a deal. Simply sit back and relax and easily buy with the click of a mouse, or push of a finger.

All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.